• What to Do if You’ve Been Falsely Accused of Child Sexual Assault

    Being falsely accused of child sexual assault can be one of the most harrowing experiences a person can go through. Unfortunately, cases of false allegations have become more and more common, and it's important to know what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation. Here are some of the basic steps you should take if you're falsely accused of child sexual assault and how hiring a criminal defense lawyer can help.
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  • Three Types Of Bankruptcy: Which Is Right For You?

    Are you struggling with debt? Do you feel like there's no way to get out of it? While bankruptcy is never an ideal outcome, sometimes it's the best solution to deal with debt problems. Bankruptcy allows you to resolve your debt and get a fresh start. It could be a faster way to get on your feet than simply paying down the debt. There are several types of bankruptcies for individuals.
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  • Can A DUI Affect Your Job? Here's What You Need To Know

    If you've been recently charged with DUI, you probably already know that this is a serious offense that can result in severe consequences, including jail time, fines, and the loss of your driving privileges. However, the effects of a DUI can also extend to your job, potentially jeopardizing your career and financial stability. Here's what you need to know about a DUI.  Impact on Employment A DUI conviction can have a negative impact on your employment prospects.
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