• Strictly Liability: What It Means And The Possible Defenses

    There are three forms of torts that can give rise to personal injury claims. They include intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability. Many people understand the first two better than the last one. Below is an overview of what strict liability means and the defenses it might attract. What It Means In many forms of personal injury claims, you need to prove that the defendant did something or failed to do something and that action or inaction led to your injuries.
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  • Did You Hurt Your Head In A Car Accident? You May Be At Risk Of A DUI Charge

    One of the main concerns anytime you're in a car accident is that you'll sustain trauma to your head. Hitting the window or something else in the vehicle can leave you with a serious injury, but you may not always be aware of its extent. If you've been in a collision and the police have responded, the symptoms of your head injury could actually suggest that you're intoxicated. This might lead to a DUI arrest, which you'll definitely want to fight with the help of a DWI lawyer that specializes in wrongful arrests for DUI.
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  • Two Confusing Terms: Parole And Probation

    The terms parole and probation are often used interchangeably, and they are similar. If you have been accused of a crime and are attempting to evaluate the possibility of a plea bargain or taking your case to trial, it's vital that you have a full understanding of parole, probation, and other criminal justice issues. Read on to find out more. How Parole and Probation are Similar If you end up being convicted of a crime, you may face a myriad of punishments.
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