Did You Hurt Your Head In A Car Accident? You May Be At Risk Of A DUI Charge

Posted on: 18 July 2019


One of the main concerns anytime you're in a car accident is that you'll sustain trauma to your head. Hitting the window or something else in the vehicle can leave you with a serious injury, but you may not always be aware of its extent. If you've been in a collision and the police have responded, the symptoms of your head injury could actually suggest that you're intoxicated. This might lead to a DUI arrest, which you'll definitely want to fight with the help of a DWI lawyer that specializes in wrongful arrests for DUI. Here are some ways that this injury could heighten your risk of an arrest.

Difficulty Answering Questions

The responding police officer will begin to ask you questions about the accident soon after he or she arrives on the scene. Unfortunately, if you hit your head in the accident, you may struggle to provide answers that the law enforcement official deems to be satisfactory. For example, you might say that you forget how the accident took place, or answer in a manner that isn't consistent with the question. Instead of realizing that you could have head trauma, the office may inadvertently assume that you're under the influence of alcohol.

Struggles With Speaking Coherently

Those who have suffered head trauma will often struggle to speak in a coherent manner. For example, you might slur your words, have difficult enunciating longer words, and otherwise speak in an unclear manner. Unfortunately for you, each of these issues can also be present for someone who has been drinking, so it's highly possible that the police officer believes that you were intoxicated. This could potentially lead to an arrest for suspected DUI.

Issues With The Field Sobriety Test

One of the first things that a police officer will do upon suspecting a driver of being intoxicated is to administer a field sobriety test. This test requires the driver to perform specific physical feats that are easy for a sober person to do but difficult for someone who is intoxicated. Unfortunately, they may also be difficult for someone who has sustained a blow to the head. For example, if you're in this situation, your balance will likely be compromised. This may understandably make it very difficult to walk in a straight line or balance on one foot. A DUI attorney will look to get your charge dropped upon providing medical records that show you've had a head injury.