• Your Driving Privileges: Easily Lost With Criminal Charges

    Some don't give their right to have a driver's license a second thought. However, the privilege of driving legally can be just one of the punishments on the table when criminal charges of any type are considered. Read on and find out how important putting up a good fight can be and how far-flung the punishment is after a conviction of any type. Driving Related Offenses It only makes sense to fear for the fate of your driver's license after a traffic-related offense.
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  • Three Things You Should Do At The Time Of A Traffic Stop To Help A Traffic Attorney

    When you are initially pulled over by a police officer, your mind may not go to fighting the ticket or hiring a traffic attorney to fight the ticket. However, the actions you take immediately after you are pulled over can have an impact on the ability of a traffic attorney to defend you against the ticket you receive. Here are three things that you should get in the habit of doing if you are pulled over and cited by a police officer, especially if you think you may fight the ticket.
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