Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sharing Too Much Information About Your Divorce On Social Media

Posted on: 23 August 2022


What you do or say during your divorce can make you get an unfavorable outcome or give your partner an upper hand in your case. For example, posting nasty things about your spouse on social media can paint a bad picture of you. Your spouse and legal advisor may use your messages to demean your character and convince the judge to rule in their favor. A divorce lawyer will advise you to avoid sharing negative comments about your partner on your social media pages for the following reasons.

You Might Lose Your Parental Rights

Courts consider several factors before deciding whom to award child custodianship. For instance, they evaluate the parents' characters to determine who is more reliable, concerned, and mature. Judges also prefer awarding the custodianship of the parent who seems like they can offer children the best care. Therefore, if your post does not demonstrate these traits, you might lose parental rights. Your lawyer will advise you not to post pictures when partying in the wee hours of the night or doing anything that might make the judge believe you're irresponsible. In addition, your lawyer will get evidence to establish that your children will be safe in your hands.

You Might Complicate or Delay the Process

Posting photos or videos of you and your new partner during a divorce can complicate or delay the process. Doing so might infuriate your partner, and they might refuse to negotiate with you. For this reason, your legal advisor will ask you not to post anything that might indicate that you have a new relationship. Instead, they will negotiate for you to enable you to resolve controversial issues outside court. This will allow you to have a flawless process and enable your divorce to conclude within the shortest time possible.

You Might Have to Pay More Payments

Being irresponsible on social media might also make you pay more child support or alimony payments. Your partner might use your posts about exorbitant expenditures or lavish lifestyles to convince the judge to offer them a significant award. On the other hand, your posts might make you fail to get alimony because your spouse might argue that you don't need alimony because you can afford high-end items. You are supposed to keep your financial details a secret so your lawyer can negotiate favorable payment terms for you.

When you consult a divorce lawyer before dissolving your marriage, they will give you a list of advice to follow to prevent you from getting an unfavorable outcome. One piece of advice will be to take a break from social media until you legally dissolve your marriage. Doing so will help you avoid the three consequences above and any other ones that might complicate the process or make you get an unfavorable outcome in court.

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