3 Things To Do If Accused Of Sex Crimes

Posted on: 22 January 2021


Individuals accused of sex crimes should take the allegations seriously. These types of allegations can have a lifetime effect. Sex crime convictions can lead to disruptions in daily life indefinitely because convicted sex offenders have to register as sex offenders. Accusations do not necessarily lead to convictions. However, innocent or exonerated individuals might find that there will be individuals who will wonder whether the allegations were true. Some accused individuals might be treated indifferently before their cases ever make it to court. The general public might treat them like they are guilty. The following points will help you to understand what you can do if you are ever accused of a sex crime.

Exercise Fifth Amendment Right

Accused individuals do not have to speak with law enforcement. Sometimes intimidation can cause individuals to speak with officers, but legally they do not have to. Well-meaning individuals who want to prove their innocence may also agree to speak with law enforcement. This is ill-advised because their word may get misconstrued, and the things that they say could be used against them if they get officially charged.

Do Not Discuss the Allegations

Friends and family can be subpoenaed to testify in sex crimes cases. This is why it is best not to discuss the allegations with anyone. They will have to repeat what they were told. If they misunderstand what was said, it can still hurt the defense against the allegations. These allegations are stressful. That is why some people want to talk to their loved ones about them. However, it is too great of a risk because they might be questioned by law enforcement too. Even if nothing incriminating is said, discussing these cases with anyone other than an attorney is unwise.

Do Not Contact the Accuser

This is one of the biggest mistakes that some accused individuals make especially if they feel like they are being wrongfully accused. The state will initially view the accuser as a victim. Contacting a victim can be viewed as harassment and result in being charged. There also should not be any attempts made to coerce the accuser. The legal way to dispute the charges is in the courtroom. 

A sex crimes attorney is a good resource to use to understand more about the importance of having a criminal defense. They can also help you understand the judicial process and speak on your behalf in court and to authorities. Being accused of a sex crime can be a scary experience, and they can advise you on the potential outcomes.

Reach out to a local sex crimes lawyer to learn more about your case.